Captial Conflict Management

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What we do

How do our highly trained mediators resolve conflict?

In dealing with complex and varied situations, our highly trained CCM mediators focus on a number of key areas or ‘functions’.

Assisting communication
Especially important where people find it difficult or don’t know how to communicate, can’t be seen to seek communication or, are even forbidden to communicate directly with the ‘other’.

Improving understandings
Note the plural here. In contentious situations there’s more than one understanding of the problem. When people are open to the other side’s perspective their thinking becomes more inclusive.

Supporting creative thinking
It can be hard for people to think clearly when close to the heat of conflict, often becoming emotional or preoccupied with their own survival. Someone offering a critical distance and less emotional involvement can prove invaluable.

Exploring accommodations
An ‘accommodation’ describes an agreement which is more implicit than explicit. For people who may need to remain enemies, and where the idea of harmony is too much to ask, an accommodation allows the parties to emerge with something they can live with, though perhaps unhappily.

Facilitating agreement
Agreement is the ideal mediated outcome, suggesting a degree of harmony and a meeting of minds. If outcomes were cars, an agreement would be a head-turning cabriolet. But, like a flashy car, an agreement can seem inappropriate in a harsh climate and even attract unwanted attention.

Meet the mediators

Photo of Damion Roberts

Damion Roberts

As Conflict Management Specialist working across London mediating I’ve learnt so much, things I thought were not possible are possible with hard work and determination. I run my own not for profit company called “You Can prosper” where we bring together consortiums to deliver education based workshops, which help young people into higher education & find employment. CCM is my passion and I love my job and the people, working for them has been life changing; I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far and know there is more to come from me.

Photo of Max Tobias

Max Tobias

Max has worked with challenging young people since 2003, across mainstream and specialist provision schools as well as for voluntary organisations. He has vast experience of group and one to one working and has case worked a number of high risk gang-affected families. With thorough knowledge and skills in these areas he has provided regular training and consultancy services to vulnerable children's charity Kids Company, where he has trained adults in positive behaviour management and de-escalation skills since 2009.

Photo of Andrea Walcott

Andrea Walcott

The catalyst for my becoming a mediator was the ever increasing violence I witnessed between young men in my local area on a regular basis. Initially I volunteered as a panel member for my local Youth Offending Team, which led to me undertaking a degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice. I have been mediating for three years and recently became a member of the Board for CCM as a mediator representative.